Is CBD Safe For Pets

Yes, CBD is safe for your pet with a simple precaution. Dogs have more Cannabinoid receptors in their body than humans. Located throughout the body, they are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes. 

It is very important NOT to give dogs THC (like what is found in Marijuana).

Joy’s Beef Flavored treats use only water-soluble hemp powder in the same proprietary formulas as seen in their other products made for people. It is easy for dogs to digest and benefit from Joy’s dog treats.

Pet CBD Ingredients

Joy Organics is CBD-safe for pets because the safety of THC-Free CBD will allow your pet to enjoy the calming effects without the worry of a disorienting “THC-High.”

Dogs (and cats) can become intoxicated by cannabis in different ways, but most commonly by eating edibles (e.g., baked goods, candies, chocolate bars, and chips containing cannabis). Pets can also be exposed to second-hand smoke. Most exposures are accidental when curious pets discover access to the drug or when they are present in the same room with a person smoking cannabis.

With more “receptors” in their brains, the effects of cannabis are more dramatic and potentially more toxic than when compared to humans. A small amount of cannabis is all it takes to cause toxicity in cats and dogs.


2 mg CBD per serving for a 25 lb. animal. In addition, there is NO THC and the ingredients are verified by an outside 3rd party! Your pet will love this dog-approved chew, especially to curb anxiety like thunder or fireworks.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, nearly 70% of CBD extracts sold online are mislabeled. Joy’s THC-free pet tinctures give your favorite furry companions all the benefits of our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. High-quality and easy to give, support your pet’s quality of life simply and effectively.

CBD is Safe For Pets

A study by the NIH shows long-term daily feeding of CDB (cannabidiol) is well tolerated in healthy dogs.
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