Lakeside Adventure

Dog by lake

A great way to spend some time with your dog is at a lake. We took advantage of the good weather last weekend and went to Lake Codurus in York County.

A simple adventure to provide fresh air and playtime exercise, along with new sights and sounds for our puppy.

Codurus Lake
Artemis splashing in the water!

On our first visit with her to a shoreline, it was fun watching her grow accustomed to the water! At first, she tentatively pawed at the water and eventually went chest-deep. Maybe next time she will go for a swim!

Not only was this a fun way to spend an afternoon with our pup, but it was also a nice way to relax for us too! We highly recommend packing a picnic basket and heading to a lake with your puppy!

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Originally Posted 09/24/2019
Updated 01/24/2024