Sabrina The Great Dane

Boy and dog sitting porch steps

Our first dog family Dog!

A Heart Of Gold

Sabrina had a huge heart and I was lucky that I was her favorite, although she was very patient with others too. Here is a picture of my young cousin sitting on her!

My cousin Craig sitting on Sabrina. A patient dog!

Just looking at these photos makes me smile. My fondness for dogs started early, here I am with two Collie pups at Sky Manor Airport where we lived for a year or two after my Father graduated college. Sky Manor was owned and managed by Grandparents who also bred Collies.

Me and Collie puppies
Cir. 1961 Me and two Collie puppies!

Jupiter The Part Great Dane!

Sabrina the Great Dane
Jupiter jumping hurdles at an agility demonstration.

Without realizing it at the time, dogs have always played a part in my well-being. Sadly, Jupiter was consumed with cancer in mid-2019 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our new dog, Artemis, is continuing the trend of bringing joy to people’s lives, including mine.

Pitt Bull Unicorn
A big smile from our American Stafford-Terrier, Artemis.

Originally posted on October 15, 2019
Updated 01/26/2004